Engineering systems

MIP-NANO is an engineering company that provides a full range of services for the design, supply and installation of engineering systems for clean rooms.

Our competencies include:

Design: We develop clean room projects taking into account all customer requirements and regulatory documents.
Equipment Supply: We supply cleanroom equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers.
Equipment installation: We install equipment in accordance with design solutions.
Cost optimization and construction management: We help customers optimize costs and ensure effective cleanroom construction management.

Ventilation system

Development of a concept diagram of ventilation and air conditioning in a clean room

When designing a clean room, it is necessary to develop a basic diagram of ventilation and air conditioning

Clean room system

Technologies for the production of high-tech products are constantly evolving. The MIP-NANO company offers a wide range of technological solutions for semiconductor production and various industries, including pharmaceuticals.

Medical gas supply

Our company offers a full range of services for the design, construction and commissioning of high-tech systems. These systems include:

Compressed air systems
Breathing air systems
Main gas supply
Systems for supplying technical and special gases